Squash are an easy way to grow 

a lot of food.  The terms "winter" and "summer" squash refer 

not to when they are grown, but when they are eaten.

Winter squash keeps well for winter eating, requiring only a dry, not-too-warm spot in the house. 

Summer varieties like zucchini are eaten fresh (can be frozen). 

All squash are warm-weather crops that can't go into the garden until after frost is past. You can start them indoors or direct-sow into warm soil. 

Seed Saving: We list 3 different squash species. 

They will come within a species only, so you can grow one of each and save pure seed (assuming no close neighbors growing squash). 
C. pepo, includes Halloween craving pumpkins, most summer squash, and a couple of winter types. 
C. maxima, is mostly long-keeping, good-tasting winter squashes, one pumpkin, and one summer type. 
C. moschata, (one summer, two winter) is delicious and resistant to pests, but needs a slightly longer season. 
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