A hardy biennial, native to Spain. Sometimes called Black Salsify because of the black color of its skin. Slow developing crop so start as early as possible. Unlike salsify it is not necessary to pull the roots after the first year of growth to preserve its flavor and tenderness - you can continue to let it grow.

Nutritious roots cooked like carrots or beets. Better in flavor than regular salsify. Often called the "mock oyster" or "vegetable oyster" because of its oysterlike flavor. Roots are boiled, steamed, baked, batter-fried, and excellent in soups and stews.

Young tender shoots, flower buds, or even the yellow flower petals can be used in salads. Roasted roots are a coffee substitute.

C,W/Matures 17/Harvest 4-6/Yield 100-400/Spacing 3”