Not just for spring or for kids! 

Radishes come in versions that are spring-planted,

fall-planted, cool weather, hot weather, and some aren't even grown for their roots. 

Please read the descriptions carefully to get the kind you want, and perhaps find something new as well! 

We offer four types of radish:  regular (European), daikon, and podding, as well as oilseed radish which is pressed for oil like canola. 

Regular radishes have hot, spicy roots that are typically eaten raw in salads.Daikon radish (oriental radish) roots are typically eaten raw, and are considered a medicinal food. Podding radishes do not have useful roots, the pods are like small pointed pea pods and can be enjoyed fresh.  Raphanus spp. ALL/Matures 3-9/Harvest 0-2/Yield 100-540/Spacing 2" or broadcast
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