Peppers are tropical plants 

and can not tolerate temperatures below 45-50 degrees. 

Because they are  long in developing, most gardeners will have to start them indoors and plant out into warm soil, preferably transplant to a sunny area.

Peppers are usually self-pollinating (usually 5-10% crossing, more in the South), so you should be able to save the seed of your favorites. 

Leaves are poisonous. This year we are rating the peppers for hotness: 0 is sweet, 5 is hotter than hot. 

Capsicum Sp. H/Matures 9-12/Harvest up to 17/Yield fresh 36-197, hot dried 5-20/Spacing 12”

Popular This Season:
Vpe 4870 ancho web

Ancho (Poblano) Hot Pepper, Organic

Meaty, flavorful, big pepperA slightly spicy cooking pepper that is the basis for many Mexican dishes: stuffed for chiles rellenos, roasted or fried while gr...
  • Days to maturity: 68-88
  • Germination days: 8-25
  • Seeds per packet: 30

Cayenne Long Slim Hot Pepper

The standard for hot seasoning.Plant covers itself in bright red peppers that are easy to grow, easy to dry, and make the best ristras (pepper strings), wrea...
  • Days to maturity: 70-85
  • Germination days: 8-25
  • Seeds per packet: 30
Vpe 4929 lg chimayo

Chimayo Hot Pepper

Rare, rich-flavored early pepper.Ancient heirloom from the mountains of New Mexico, this pepper is not meant to be very hot-it's the sweet, complex, ultra-fl...
  • Days to maturity: 60-75
  • Germination days: 8-25
  • Seed code: N
Vpe 4881

Criolla Sella Hot Pepper

Jalapeno heat/Habanero flavor! What a find! Huge crops of small (2 inch) golden peppers with a citrusy, smoky habanero-like flavor, but a manageable level of...
  • Days to maturity: 85-100
  • Germination days: 8-25
  • Seeds per packet: 30
Vpe 4900 jamie pics october 2010 197 web

Early Jalapeno Hot Pepper, Organic

Distinctive meaty flavor for salsa, pickling, cooking, seasoning. Smoked, they become chipotles. 24" plants will produce in cooler conditions than most.  ...
  • Days to maturity: 60-80
  • Germination days: 8-25
  • Seeds per packet: 30
Vpe 4885+habanero

Habanero Hot Pepper

Incomparable in salsa. Famous extrahot pepperfrom the Yucatan, Jamaica, and all the Caribbean. Bushy 24" plants loaded with peppers. Lantern-shaped f...
  • Days to maturity: 90-100
  • Germination days: 8-25
  • Seeds per packet: 30

Hot Pepper Mix

 A broad variety of hot peppers. These will ripen at different times; all can be used green, and are red or yellow when completely ripe. BOTANICAL NAME: Cap...
  • Days to maturity: 80-100
  • Germination days: 8-25
  • Seeds per packet: 30
Vpe 4880 joe%27s pepper

Joe's Long Hot Pepper

A staff favorite. The only hot pepper we know that is also really, truly sweet. Hotness: 3.Big yields of very long peppers on strong bushy plants. Wonder...
  • Seeds per packet: 10
  • Days to maturity: 80
  • Germination days: 8-25

Serrano Hot Pepper

Easy-to-Grow Favorite. Very popular pepper for Mexican dishes, often used green in salsa. Unusual in that all the hotness is apparent at once, and fades quic...
  • Days to maturity: 65-80
  • Germination days: 8-25
  • Seeds per packet: 30