Juicy, crisp, sweet pods 

are eaten along with the peas inside. Kids devour these like candy! 

Good lightly cooked, but most popular raw.

Pisum sativum C/Matures 8-11/Harvest 12/Yield 5-106(shelled)/Spacing Bush 3”, Pole 4”

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Vpe 4825 marysveggiegard lb
Cascadia Pea
Vpe 4825 marysveggiegard lb
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Cascadia Pea

First dwarf snap pea with Sugar Snap quality, and then some. Extra-plump, very crisp, very sweet and flavorful pods. Resistant to PM and the first pea with r...
  • Seeds per packet: 250
  • Spacing: 3
  • When to plant: Late summer