Juicy, crisp, sweet pods 

are eaten along with the peas inside. Kids devour these like candy! 

Good lightly cooked, but most popular raw.

Pisum sativum C/Matures 8-11/Harvest 12/Yield 5-106(shelled)/Spacing Bush 3”, Pole 4”

Popular This Season:
Vpe 4825 marysveggiegard lb
Cascadia Pea
Vpe 4825 marysveggiegard lb

Cascadia Pea

First dwarf snap pea with Sugar Snap quality, and then some. Extra-plump, very crisp, very sweet and flavorful pods. Resistant to PM and the first pea with r...
  • Seeds per packet: 250
  • Spacing: 3
  • When to plant: Late summer
Peas patio pride

Patio Pride Snap Pea, Organic

AAS winner for 2017 Ready to munch in only 40 days!This new snap pea produces sweet juicy pods you love to munch right in the garden. Little 12" vines are pe...
  • Spacing: 3"
  • Days to maturity: 40
  • Planting depth: 1/2"