Produces large fresh pods

to be shelled fresh for those succulent green peas. 

 A legume that likes cool weather. Plant in Spring and Fall to avoid heat. 

Pisum sativum C/Matures 8-11/Harvest 12/Yield 5-106(shelled)/Spacing Bush 3”, Pole 4”

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Alderman Pole Shelling Pea

English heirloom, and we think the finest tall variety under cultivation. Famous for flavor and crops very well. Robust 5' vines bear pointed, easy-shelling ...
  • Days to maturity: 70-78
  • Seeds per packet: 160
  • Spacing: 3
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Maestro Pea

Unmatched sweetness for early picking. Withstands mosaic virus, common wilt, and powdery mildew. 2' vines bear over several weeks, setting plenty of 4 1/2" p...
  • Days to maturity: 55-61
  • Planting depth: 1/2-1
  • Seeds per packet: 160