Plant in spring as soon as ground

can be worked (seedlings will take frost) and 

again in 2 months before hard fall frosts. 

Two or three sowings at 10-day intervals insure against weather, rot, or wildlife losses. 
Protect the seed from birds! Provide good drainage.Best results from a soil that is non-acid. Working in wood ashes and bone meal along with compost will provide the potash, phosphorous, and organic matter for best yield. Use inoculant in soils that have not grown garden legumes recently. 

Tomato cages will support short varieties; trellis, teepee, or fence for tall ones. 

Best to put up trellis or other support at time of planting--if they don't find something to cling to, the little seedlings get discouraged and stop growing. 
Pisum sativum C, W/Matures 8-10/Harvest 12/Yield 25-106 (shelled); 4-24 dry/Spacing 3"
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