Flowers with a focus--

from colorful meals to bringing back bees and butterflies,

Each collection is a theme garden in itself.

These collections, and in particular the book-and-seed sets, make an ideal introduction to new kinds of gardening, home/school project, or gift.

Occasionally, we need to substitute for a seed that’s become unavailable, but we will choose another that is of equal value, usefulness, and interest.

Popular This Season:
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Bee Friendly Collection

If you are concerned about the bees, here is something you can do-grow pesticide-free nectar and pollen plants for them. Happy in the ground or in a pot. Gre...
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Butterfly Garden Collection

Butterflies are disappearing—but they don’t have to disappear from your garden! It is amazing how many show up when their favorite plants are available. Here...
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Edible Flower Collection

A rainbow of safe and tasty flowers for salad, veggie platters, cakes, drinks, and garnish. A variety of seasons and bloom times. Perfect in vegetable beds, ...
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Good Companions Collection

A beautiful way to fight pests--grow nectar plants for helpful insect predators.Tested in our gardens-it works for us! These are companion plants that make a...
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Good Companions Seed Collection with Good Bug, Bad Bug Book

This set really puts you in charge of protecting your garden natuarally. The book is spiral bound with water-resistant, wipe-clean pages so you can take it o...

Edible Flower Ideas

This collection of edible flowers concentrates on easy-to-grow varieties that can mix right in your vegetable beds if desired and will bloom the first year from seed. Some will be tasty and to eat, while others will be garnish—...