Super bolt-resistant, have a 

tall, ruffled head, with a crisp, somewhat blanched interior.

Bred for summer heat, but also cold-hardy. 

Round, firm, and dense wrapped head of greens. 

Quick growth makes for good flavor and tenderness, so assure water and fertility. 

Likes a moderately good, loose well-drained soil. Water regularly. 

Lettuce seed doesn’t germinate when the temperature reaches 85 degrees. 

In summer heat, sow in the evening, water well, and give some shade. To reset the seed put in airtight jar in refrigerator for 4 days.

Lactuca sativa C,W/Matures 11-13/Harvest 1-3/Yield 75-300/Spacing 8-9” 

Heat-resistant. Can also be cut young (40 days) like leaf lettuce. 

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