Long, crisp-textured, 

distinctly flavored leaves. Tolerates dry, hot weather well, 

slow to go to seed. Romaine (or Cos) makes a tall head with crunchy midrib.

Likes a moderately good, loose, well-drained soil. Water regularly. All of our varieties are self-blanching and require no tying up.Try it like kale for an equally delicious, nutritious smoothie.

Lactuca sativa C,W/Matures 6-13/Harvest 1-3/Yield 135-540/Spacing 12"

Popular This Season:

Bronze Goldring Romaine (Cos) Lettuce, Organic

Widely recognized as the very best-tastingromaine lettuce, this old English heirloom has never gotten the popularity it deserves. We are hoping that gardener...
  • Spacing: 10-12
  • Days to maturity: 60
  • Germination days: 2-15

Dark Green Romaine Lettuce, Organic

Classic romaine, with long deep green leaves that fully enclose a crunchy blanched heart. Wonderful sweet flavor, with excellent disease resistance and...
  • Days to maturity: 60-70
  • Spacing: 10
  • Germination days: 2-15
Vle 4200 lettuce jericho 3 web

Jericho Romaine (Cos) Lettuce, Organic

Heat-resistant variety from the deserts of Israel with large, dense, green heads 12-14" tall. Golden Rule Garden coordinator Ellen Bartholomew says, "It will...
  • Spacing: 10-12
  • Days to maturity: 60
  • Germination days: 2-15

Little Gem Romaine (Cos) Lettuce, Organic

Easy-to-grow romaine, with flavor that won the Royal Horticultural Society taste competition. Small heads grow rapidly to 6" and are mostly heart--crispy and...
  • Days to maturity: 58
  • Spacing: 10-12
  • Germination days: 2-15
Vle 4215 lettuce outstanding web

Outstanding Romaine (Cos) Lettuce, Organic, OSSI

Red Romaine-big upright heads, crunchy, and really red. Selected for color, big tight heads, slow bolting and disease resistance. Best in its class. BOTANI...
  • Days to maturity: 68
  • Spacing: 10-12
  • Germination days: 2-15

Winter Density Romain Lettuce Organic

Sweet-flavored lettuce with large, heavy, dark-green heads 9-10" high. Much used for autumn sowing. Slow to bolt. A Romaine with dense crunchy hearts like an...
  • Seed code: Organic
  • When to plant: Winter
  • Spacing: 10-12