Looseleaf is probably the easiest 

to grow, and thrives even in poor soil. 

 Looseleafs make a head that fans out so that the center leaves are visible. 

 They are tolerant of marginal conditions, and can be cut leaf-by-leaf or all at once.
Quick growth makes for good flavor and tenderness, so assure water and fertility. Likes a moderately good, loose well-drained soil. Water regularly. Lettuce seed doesn’t germinate when the temperature reaches 85 degrees. In summer heat, sow in the evening, water well, and give some shade. To reset the seed put in airtight jar in refrigerator for 4 days.Lactuca sativa C,W/Matures 6-12/Harvest 1-3/Yield 135-540/Spacing 8-9”
Popular This Season:
Lettuce+chadwicks rodan

Alan Chadwick's Rodan Looseleaf Lettuce, Organic

Easy to grow, and delicious; our trial gardeners said that in 15 years of gardening, they had never grown a better tasting, more bolt-resistant lettuce. Roda...
  • Days to maturity: 50
  • Spacing: 8-9
  • Germination days: 2-15
Lettuce+black seeded simpson

Black Seeded Simpson Looseleaf Lettuce, Organic

Tried and true heirloom for cool spring soils, BSS gets salad on the table early and often. Tender texture, mild flavor. Fresh, spring-green color and curly ...
  • Days to maturity: 45
  • Spacing: 8-9
  • Germination days: 2-15
Vle 4260 bronze+arrow+lettuce

Bronze Arrow Looseleaf Lettuce

A rare, long-standing heirloom leaf lettuce that has it all. Our own strain, unavailable elsewhere. The head in the picture sprouted from spilled seed in the...
  • Spacing: 8-9
  • Days to maturity: 60
  • Germination days: 2-15
Lettuce emerald fan for real web

Emerald Fan Looseleaf Lettuce, Organic, OSSI

The fastest spring growth of any lettuce we have ever grown. Perfect "scoops" for dip. Big, healthy, deep-green leaves catch spring sunlight and make it into...
  • Days to maturity: 45
  • Spacing: 8-9
  • Germination days: 2-15
Vle 4273 lettuce merlot brighter web

Merlot Looseleaf Lettuce, Organic

Darkest red of all lettuces-deep purple in bright sun-and highest in anti-oxidant anthocyanins. Shiny curly leaves have complete resistance to downy mildew r...
  • Days to maturity: 30-59
  • When to plant: Winter
  • Spacing: 8-9

Red Sails Looseleaf Lettuce, Organic

AAS winner in 1985. Loose leaf lettuce with a fairly crunchy midrib and bronzed, ruffled leaves. Heat tolerant & slow to bolt. Takes cold well if given p...
  • Days to maturity: 50-66
  • When to plant: Spring
  • Spacing: 8-9