Flowers need less care than vegetables, less fertility, and often less water.

Pests seldom become a problem in our garden because

the flowers draw predator insects that eat the pests. The more kinds of nectar-and-pollen-bearing flowers in your garden, the fewer pest problems you will have (as long as you are not using poisons, which kill helpful insects). This is especially true if some of your flowers are perennials, if something is in bloom all year, from early and late and if there are plenty of places for beneficial insects to live and hide. Mulch, piles of sticks, tree trunks, and shrubs are good habitat.

Pollen is as important as nectar. Some of the bees’ favorites, like poppies, provide pollen only. Pollen is a high-protein food source that enables many of these tiny animals to reproduce and hatch out healthy young.

Plants with good flowers elsewhere in this catalog are: Vegetables: runner beans, peas, okra, arugula, squash, mustard, radish etc... Herbs: basil, borage, chives, echinacea, evening primrose, feverfew, lavender, licorice mint, meadowsweet, vervain, valerian, etc... Grains: purple vetch, crimson clover, quinoa etc...
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