Silver-gray leaves

similar to Artichoke in looks and flavor.

Harvest the whole plant, like a cabbage.

Grown for its succulent leaf ribs which are blanched for food use.

Tie paper collars around the bottom foot of the plants for the last month of the growing season. Parboiled the midribs are soft and meaty, with a complex flavor,  not unlike artichoke heart. 

Beautiful blue thistle flowers are long-lasting in bouquets.

Cut them as they appear to prevent invasive re-seeding.
Excellent carbon crop - in our Willits Garden we grow this for compost because of the large amount of fibrous leaves and stalks produced.

Cynana cardunculus / C,W/Matures 24-52/Harvest 8/Yield 165/Spacing 24-36”

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Similar to Artichoke in looks and taste, but grown for its fleshy young leaf ribs instead of the flower buds. A good alternative for gardeners in colder clim...
  • Days to maturity: 100-150
  • Spacing: 24-36
  • Germination days: 10-20