Little-known but easy

a delicious vegetable that is traditional in both

 Europe and Asia. 

Long tender roots are cooked like carrots with sweet rich flavor. 

Also the basis of a traditional English drink much like root beer. For simpler version, try using burdock instead of black tea to make a spiced chai tea. Rich in detoxifying compounds, Burdock has long been used as a medicinal and health-building food.

The  root up to 3 feet long, so work in as much compost as you can. It prefers a fresh, worked soil, rich in humus, and should be positioned in full sunlight.  Plant in late spring or early summer for a fall harvest.

Arctium lappa / C,W/Matures 17/Harvest 1-26/Yield 75-300/Spacing 4"

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Vbu 2689 gobo
Ha Gobo Burdock
Vbu 2689 gobo
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Ha Gobo Burdock

A burdock that is grown for its delicate edible leaves.  The root is also edible, and at 6" long, is well-adapted to heavy soils. We had never heard of this ...
  • Days to maturity: 70
  • Spacing: 4
  • Planting depth: 1