Open-pollinated Brussels sprouts 

 have become endangered heirlooms 

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Requires long growing season and tastes best when matured in cool weather. Just before your first frost, top the plants to redirect growth to the sprouts. When a bud starts to bulge from stem, remove the leaf below it. Harvest when 1" across, until December or all-winter in milder climates. Frost sweetens flavor, adds vitamins. 

They need fertility, cool moist weather, and staking in windy sites.    

Br. oleracea v. gemmifera  / C/Matures 11-13/Harvest 12/Yield 70-140/Spacing 18"

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Early Half Tall Brussels Sprouts

Popular early variety giving a heavy crop of sprouts from top to bottom of the stalk. Ready by mid-autumn, stands to early winter. Refined European selection...
  • Days to maturity: 80-90
  • Seeds per packet: 75
  • When to plant: Early fall
Vbr 2639
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Roodnerf Brussels Sprouts

Hard-to-find variety known for its high quality. Brussels Sprouts can be tricky but Roodnerf is highly-rated for easy cultivation and excellent heading. Very...
  • Seeds per packet: 75
  • Days to maturity: 120
  • Germination days: 5-17