Full-size tomatoes on short, sturdy plants.

perfect for containers, or for cooler climates.

At last--smaller plants that don't stop bearing like determinate varieties--these bear until frost!
Dwarfs are a rare class of tomatoes that have the benefits of both indeterminates (better flavor, longer season) and determinates (earlier maturing, lower maintenance). They are a perfect size for container growing or can be spaced close together in the field (12" apart). Sleeping Lady is a mid-season variety that has stout, central stems, grows to three feet tall, and has dark green, crinkled foliage. The fruits are medium size slicing tomatoes with the complex flavor of an heirloom, range from three to six ounces, and ripen to a chocolate-mahogany color.  
The vines don't waste time making long stems and get right down to the business of making tomatoes! Traditionally-bred by a network of home gardeners, these are crosses between an eastern European heirloom tomato that is a natural dwarf with fa vorite full-flavored heirlooms. They are indeterminate and keep going til frost, with a shorter space than normal between the branches.
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Sleeping Lady Tomato, Organic

Heirloom flavor on a patio-size plant Bears heavily until frost.Strong plant only 3 ft tall.  Dwarf tomatoes are a traditional but little-known form of tomat...
  • When to plant: indoors, 2 months before last frost
  • Planting depth: 1/4"
  • Days to maturity: 70