You can help someone explore a new field, like Permaculture, or give them that quality tool they've never gotten for themselves but always wanted.

These are our staff's favorites and don't require fancy skills or conditions. Whether you have a beginner in mind (How to Grow more Vegetables book and the Easy Heirlooms Seed Collection) or an aspiring homesteader (The Resilient Farm and Homestead), there's something for any level of gardener. 
The beginner in herb lore would find Rosemary Gladstar's book and the medicinal seed collection the most reassuring and safe possible start. While those who are adepts will be excited to receive the brand-new expanded edition of Richo's classic Making Plant Medicine.
No gardener anywhere would turn up her nose at a hand-forged quality tool. And that cook on your list might like a collection of easy-grow edible flowers, with recipes 

Whether you (or your giftee) want to spend the season with mud on your boots or snuggled up to the fire, we've got you covered--with garden gifts that we want ourselves. We asked our staff which tools, books, and seed collections are their favorites, and collected them all here. 

Popular This Season:
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Bee Friendly Collection

If you are concerned about the bees, here is something you can do-grow pesticide-free nectar and pollen plants for them. Happy in the ground or in a pot. Gre...
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CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator

SECTION: Tools and Supplies, Intensively planted beds can be tricky to weed and cultivate, requiring a narrow-headed tool that can reach in among the plants,...
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Easy Heirloom Collection

DESCRIPTION: The most popular, easy to grow heirloom vegetable seeds. Makes it easy for beginners, people on your gift list, or if you have trouble choosing...
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Edible Flower Collection

A rainbow of safe and tasty flowers for salad, veggie platters, cakes, drinks, and garnish. A variety of seasons and bloom times. Perfect in vegetable beds, ...
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Medicinal Herbs Collection

Revised to give you the most practical herbs for wellness and first aid, at a low price. No fancy propagation techniques required. People love our culinary h...
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Odor Free Compost Bucket--Large

A really handy design, with a hinged lid so you don't need both hands when opening, and you don't need to find a place to set the lid. There is a place in th...
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Odor Free Compost Bucket--Medium

This is a smaller size than our usual compost bucket, making it more convenient for keeping on the kitchen counter, and easier to clean out. Hinged top makes...
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Tasty Tea Collection

A selection of the tastiest and easiest herbal beverages, good alone or in blends. Information sheets with tips on blending, growing, and using included. PA...