Adapt your gardening style to your  situation

 Successful gardeners adapt their space to create a better microclimate. They also adapt by planting what grows best where they live.  Our climate pages will give you help with both.
Below you will find tips and strategies to help you use the strengths and mitigate the challenges of your climate. At the end of each essay is also a list of resources we recommend. Each climate type also shows some specific varieties that are well-adapted to that climate regime. The suggestions are limited by space and our experience.

Choose the climate category  based on the season you are planting for.

So, if your summer is hot and wet, you would use the information in the Hot and Wet heading. When the season changes, you might need to look up Cold and Dry or Cold and Wet.  We feel that going by the conditions you are actually experiencing is more helpful than arbitrary geographic zones.
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