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Bee Balm
Han 7905+licorice+mint

Anise Hyssop (Licorice Mint), Organic

Not invasive like true mints. Many uses: young leaves in salad, leaves in teas, spikes of edible lavender flowers attract butterflies. Popular permaculture p...
  • Days to maturity: 75-80
  • Planting depth: Shallow
  • Seeds per packet: 150

Bee Balm

A bee, butterfly, and hummingbird magnet, with profuse lavender flowers on strong stems. Foliage ”smells like the winds of Paradise” and has been enjoyed as ...
  • Spacing: 8-12
  • Germination days: 5-7
  • When to plant: After danger of frost
Fbu 8658 butterfly+weed

Butterfly Flower (Milkweed)

Pleurisy Root.Butterfly Weed. Favorite food source for monarch butterflies, and a beautiful flower for the garden. Attracts beneficial pest-fighting insects ...
  • Germination days: 21-28
  • Seeds per packet: 30
  • Spacing: 12
Ffo 8413marvelofperu

Four O'Clocks Marvel of Peru

Fast and easy from seed. Plant these next to a porch or patio where you can enjoy the hundreds of flowers that open each evening at 4. All different colors, ...
  • Seeds per packet: 20
  • Spacing: 24
  • Germination days: 7-10

Johnny-Jump-Up (Heartsease, Wild Pansy)

Charming edible flower grows in any little nook among vegetables or in pots. Use leaves, flowers, or sprigs in salad or garnish. Herbal uses include colds, h...
  • Days to maturity: 65
  • Seeds per packet: 40
  • Germination days: 10-14

Old-Fashioned Mix Hollyhock

Dramatic spires of old-fashioned flowers to 8' in full sun. Classic along a fence or as a summer screen, now finding new uses as an edible flower. Single and...
  • Planting depth: Shallow
  • Spacing: 24
  • Germination days: 10-14
Fca 8670+cal pacific

Pacific Beauty Mix Calendula

Blooms through frost to 25 degreesEdible 3" double daisy-like blooms in hot colors.A traditional mix of longer-stemmed calendulas in shades of creamy yellow ...
  • Germination days: 21-28
  • Seeds per packet: 80
  • Spacing: 12
Red valerian%2c more

Red Valerian, Jupiter's Beard, Kiss-me-quick

Blooms like crazy in any sunny corner, and pretty much any soil, even rocks and clay. Butterflies love it, and so do bees, hummingbirds, hawks, moths, and al...
  • Spacing: Broadcast
  • Germination days: 14-21
  • Seeds per packet: 30

Rose Milkweed

Beautiful pink flowers. Native to the Northeast. Good for places where drainage is a problem. Also widely grown in gardens, where it can get summer water.BOT...
  • Germination days: 21-28
  • Spacing: 12-18
  • Seeds per packet: 30

Shasta Daisy

All Summer BloomsLots or flowers, blooming pretty much all summer. Makes an evergreen ground-cover that needs little care. Excellent to prevent winter erosio...
  • Height: 24" to 36"
  • Spacing: 12" to 24"
  • Seeds per packet: 60
Asclepias speciosa showy commonswikipedia

Showy Milkweed

White and lavender flowers shaped like stars. This one is native to the West--everywhere west of the 100th parallel except Arizona and Texas.BOTANICAL NAME: ...
  • Germination days: 21-28
  • Seeds per packet: 30
  • Spacing: 12

Superb Mix Dianthus

Strong Fragrance80 days. Flowers like multicolored snowflakes, with intricate lacy edging and a strong jasmine perfume. Vibrant colors of deep red, white, ma...
  • Spacing: 16"
  • Height: 12" to 24"
  • Days to maturity: 80
Sweet william%29

Sweet William

Heirloom cottage garden flower beloved by generations of gardeners. Each stem carries a big cluster of flowers in red, pink, white, or burgundy, ringed and e...
  • Germination days: 10-20
  • Spacing: 6
  • Seeds per packet: 100
Mexicantorch sunflower

Torch Mexican Sunflower

Brilliant scarlet-orange 3-4" flower really catches the eye at the end of the season when other plants look shabby. Grows to a bushy 48" tall with velvety de...
  • Days to maturity: 100-120
  • Germination days: 5-7
  • Planting depth: Shallow