If you need organic controls for pests

that won't damage your crops, soil, or chemical free zone status, this is where to start looking.

We carry multi-use fertilizer and natural pesticides, sprays, and traps.

(Or chickens or cats will help, however, we do not sell this live animals.)

Popular This Season:
Dr. Zymes

Dr. Zymes

We are excited about this new product.  It is made entirely from food-grade ingredients by a small business right here in GMO-free Mendocino County.  It is t...
Spc 9490 monterey1 web

Monterey Garden Insect Spray

OMRI Listed for use in organic production. Spinosad can be used on outdoor ornamentals, lawns, vegetables and fruit trees to control caterpillars, thrips, le...
Bea 0815 about neem

More about neem (info sheet)

SECTION: Plant Protection Supplies We have avoided offering "wide-range" pesticides because they usually hurt your beneficials and your garden's ecology as ...
Ssa 9490

Safer's Insecticidal Soap

SECTION: Plant Protection Supplies, A non-toxic soap concentrate, formulated for its excellent insecticidal properties. Works on aphids, whiteflies, plant bu...
Ssl 9493 big


SECTION: Tools and Supplies, OMRI listed. Completely biodegrades into fertilizer - uses a natural pesticide: iron phosphate.. Kills slugs, cutworms, earwigs...
Swh 9510 whitefly

Whitefly Traps

package of 5 trapsFor aphids and whiteflies. These traps are covered with a yellow sticky surface that, to insects’ eyes, appears to glow in the ultraviolet ...
Spc 9499 zero1 web

Zero Tolerance

OMRI Listed for use in organic production. Stops plant pests in their tracks! This fragrant 100% herbal pesticide is made from the highest quality oils of ci...