The host plant for Monarch butterflies.

Butterflies can eat nectar from lots of kinds of flowers

as adults, but their larvae often need specific hosts, and for Monarchs, nothing

but milkweed will do. It is helpful to use species that grow naturally in your area.

We have consulted the best sources we could find to help you grow the right kinds.

We are unable to find a source for Texas milkweeds. Texans will probably want to use A. speciosa in dry places and A. tuberosa or A. incarnata in wetter ones.

For adults, a wide variety of nectar sources is helpful, especially in late summer and fall, when they are migrating.

Photo by Doug Tallamy.

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Asclepias sp. P/Height 24-40”/Spacing 12”

Popular This Season:
Fbu 8658 butterfly+weed

Butterfly Flower (Milkweed)

Pleurisy Root.Butterfly Weed. Favorite food source for monarch butterflies, and a beautiful flower for the garden. Attracts beneficial pest-fighting insects ...
  • Germination days: 21-28
  • Seeds per packet: 30
  • Spacing: 12

Rose Milkweed

Beautiful pink flowers. Native to the Northeast. Good for places where drainage is a problem. Also widely grown in gardens, where it can get summer water.BOT...
  • Germination days: 21-28
  • Spacing: 12-18
  • Seeds per packet: 30
Asclepias speciosa showy commonswikipedia

Showy Milkweed

White and lavender flowers shaped like stars. This one is native to the West--everywhere west of the 100th parallel except Arizona and Texas.BOTANICAL NAME: ...
  • Germination days: 21-28
  • Seeds per packet: 30
  • Spacing: 12