Edible 3” double daisy-like

blooms in hot colors. Likes cool weather, and will bloom

through frost to 25 degrees. Quick and easy color scattered among vegetables.

For a true cottage garden classic, combine with cornflowers in a bed of salad greens, then scatter the petals like confetti in the salad.

Adds color to soups, desserts, cheeses, veggie plates.

Medicinal: skin ointments, antioxidant.

Calendula officinalis A/P Zones 9,10/Height 18-24”/Spacing  12”

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Calendula, Medicinal Strains, Organic

Selected for resins and medicinal strength. Mostly single and yellow-orange. Very long season of bloom--often blooms year-round in warmer zones.Likes cool we...
  • Germination days: 21-28
  • Planting depth: 1/2-1
  • Seeds per packet: 50
Fca 8670+cal pacific
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Pacific Beauty Mix Calendula

Blooms through frost to 25 degreesEdible 3" double daisy-like blooms in hot colors.A traditional mix of longer-stemmed calendulas in shades of creamy yellow ...
  • Germination days: 21-28
  • Seeds per packet: 80
  • Spacing: 12