Bees love poppies and will roll

around joyfully in them,gathering load after load of pollen.

Gardeners take joy in the silky texture, luminous colors, and simple perfection of form.

Many species, kinds, and colors, but all prefer to sprout in cold soil, then bloom as it gets hot.

Sow in place, covering very lightly, and thin to 6” if necessary.

They need light to germinate, so tamp the prepared bed lightly before sowing so that they don’t get buried, and protect from birds.

Generally, sow in fall in the West, and early spring in the East or high altitudes.

A/Height 18-36"/Spacing 12"

Popular This Season:
Fpo 8830 cal poppy

California Poppy

Rich golden satiny flowers 2" wide, and silvery, fernlike leaves on 8-24" plants. Tolerates light frost and drought, blooms all summer with minimal water. No...
  • Germination days: 10-12
  • Seeds per packet: 1000
  • Days to maturity: 60

Hungarian Blue Poppy, Breadseed

This heirloom variety has been grown in Eastern Europe for centuries.For producing seed, so the seedheads are high-yielding and do not shed seed when ripe li...
  • When to plant: Late fall
  • Days to maturity: 119
  • Germination days: 10-20
Mpo 6470 mixedshirley kebun malay

Multi-Species Poppy Mix

All of the poppies we offer, for successive waves of bloom. BOTANICAL NAME:Papaver somniferum GROWING INSTRUCTIONS :A mix of types. Sow seeds where they ar...
  • Germination days: 10-12
  • Seeds per packet: 1000
  • Planting depth: 1/8

Pink Poppy, Breadseed

Unique color, vibrant raspberry-pink.Fast-growing with silky petals and large pods, on long stems with smooth gray-green leaves.One of humanity's oldest plan...
  • Germination days: 10-12
  • Seeds per packet: 500
  • Planting depth: Shallow

Shirley Poppy

Gorgeous and easy to grow. The petals are like silk, in many colors, pink, salmon, white, red, and crimson, both double and single. Scatter on a well-raked b...
  • Seeds per packet: 500
  • Planting depth: Shallow
  • Germination days: 7-14