All the watering tools you could ever need,

from the famous Haws Watering Can (in both plastic or metal) to the always needed lifetime guaranteed Watering Fan!

Popular This Season:
Swa 9174

Dramm Heavy-Duty Plastic Shut-off Valve

Ultra heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, but lightweight. Fingertip control even with wet hands. The valve is made with a ball type mechanism that has a large ...
Swa 9170

Metal Watering Fan

It has become impossible to find metal watering fans like the ones we have used at the garden for years. This is the closest we can find and with a better s...
Sha 9275 haws fan metal

Replacement Rose for Haws Metal watering can

If your rose (the part with the holes that the water comes out of) has been lost or broken,  you can get a new one here. Also includes a repacement pot-water...