Herbs are an essential part

of any organic garden.

Herbs supply food, medicine, seasoning, and beauty. 

Herbs are powerful companions in your garden. 
If you are a beginner Rosemary Gladstar is for you, 33 tried-and true herbs described in detail. She teaches you basic herbal preparations and recipes for how to use them. Color pictures and wonderful recipes. 

Richo's Making Plant Medicine is the next step: a simple but complete reference to making and using homemade medicines. It explains the how and why of making tinctures, teas, salves, creams, and lotions. He then gives you 100 herbs you can grow at home with full "how to". 
Our own Growing Medicinal Herbs in as Little as Fifty Square Feet is a garden plan for a simple herb garden and "medicine chest" of easily grown herbs. 

Herbal Antibiotics addresses the rise of antibiotic-resistant organisms, then offers the most powerful and well-researched herbal antibiotics known. 

Herbal Antivirals addresses the rise of whole new classes of viruses, then offers the most powerful and well-researched herbal antivirals. 

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Tammi Hartung, 2011, 255 pp. Growing Herbs, Basically an update of Growing 101 Herbs That Heal, this edition is actually $5 cheaper as well. Has nice improv...