Saving you own seeds is fun

 You can develop varieties that do well in your own particular environment, or help save an heirloom from extinction! 
Then, plant your seeds and watch the miracle unfold. We have books for finding seeds, how to prepare seeds, and growing for seed.

Popular This Season:
Bea 0013 growseed

Booklet 13: Growing To Seed

Growing to Seed Peter Donelan, Boklet 13, revised 1999, 45 pp. Ecology Action Research Booklet 13 How to grow all your own seed in the smallest possible a...
Bsa 1090 trim

Saving Seeds

Marc Rogers, 1990, 185 pp. A World of Seeds and Plants, The Gardener’s Guide to Growing and Storing Vegetable and Flower Seeds: A basic primer on producing ...
Bsa 1070

Seed To Seed

Suzanne Ashworth, 2nd edition,2002, 228 pp. A World of Seeds and Plants, A completely updated and much expanded version of one of the most dog-eared referen...
Bsa 1085 orgseedgrowr

The Organic Seed Grower

John Navazio, 2012, 389 pp. Silver Award of Achievement from the Garden Writers Association American Horticultural Society Book Award "With The Organi...
Bsa 1072 seedgarden web

The Seed Garden: The Art and Practice of Seed Saving

The Art and Practice of Seed Saving.The Seed Savers Exchange and the Organic Seed Alliance have combined their considerable knowledge of seed saving to bring...