What do you do with it after you've grown it?

 Enjoy more of your harvest over the whole year. 

Here are some of our favorite books on the subject, following the most natural approaches. 

All methods of preserving food are covered including solar drying, fermentation, and healthy canning. Processing food for the maximum nutrition is included. We also offer vegetarian pectin and a book on acorns.

Popular This Season:
Bfo 1720 acorns
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Acorns and Eat 'Em

Suellen Ocean, 1993, 86 pp. Food Storage and Processing, Suellen Ocean, who worked in our shipping room a few years ago, has long been an admirer and eater ...
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Beautiful Corn: America's Original Grain from Seed to Plate

NAME: Beautiful Corn AUTHOR: Anthony Boutard DATE/ED: 2012 TIME: 224 pp SEC: Food DESC: Makes a great argument to return to heritage varieties for ...
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How to Store Your Garden Produce

Piers Warren, rev 2008, 143 pp.Food Storage and Processing,Begins with general directions for a dozen methods of storage, then gives detailed information on ...