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If you are concerned about GMO’s,

Commercial vegetable oil is the first thing to worry about. 

Soy, Corn and Canola are some of the most widely grown GMO crops. 

This makes home oil production a real priority for many people, either because you have no readily available source of certified organic oils (which are not allowed to be GMO) or in order to be prepared for further problems in the food supply. 

We have found that oil crops are satisfying and fun.

Popular This Season:
Gca 7255camelina
On Sale 15%

Camelina, Oilseed Organic

Commonly known as "false flax" or gold-of-pleasure, Camelina has been grown since Neolithic times and as an oilseed crop during the Bronze Age. It is a short...
  • Seeds per packet: 1400
  • Days to maturity: 85-100
  • Germination days: 9-12
Gsu 7452hopi black dye
On Sale 15%

Hopi Black Dye Sunflower, Organic

Big beautiful sunflowers with an abundance of seed for oil, food, dye, or attracting birds. Ancient food and oil crop developed from wild plants by the Hopi ...
  • Spacing: 9-24
  • Days to maturity: 100
  • Germination days: 7-14
On Sale 15%

Hungarian Blue Poppy, Breadseed

This heirloom variety has been grown in Eastern Europe for centuries.For producing seed, so the seedheads are high-yielding and do not shed seed when ripe li...
  • When to plant: Late fall
  • Days to maturity: 119
  • Germination days: 10-20
On Sale 15%

Oilseed Radish

Big plants make lots of seeds for cooking oil (Canola is related to radish) and lots of plant material for compost. A good way to grow your own seeds for spr...
  • Seeds per packet: 320
  • Spacing: 9-24
  • Days to maturity: 80
Hec 8110 oil sun pic tg+chastain
On Sale 15%

Oilseed Sunflower

Black-seeded type bred for big yields of small seeds high in oil. Plants get about 6 feet tall and have the familiar bright yellow flowers, slightly smaller ...
  • Spacing: 9-24
  • Days to maturity: 100
  • Germination days: 7-14
Gsa 7418safflower
On Sale 15%

Safflower, organic

Another of humanity's oldest crops, with garlands of these flowers found in the pharaohs' tombs. Safflower is a Thistle like plant 1-2 ft tall with yellow ...
  • Spacing: 6-7
  • Days to maturity: 110-140
  • Seeds per packet: 200
Gse 7375sesame
On Sale 15%

Sesame, Kingoma

This is a tan-seeded sesame, very versatile for baking, cooking, salads, barbeque, fish dishes, and for cooking with other grains like quinoa. Also makes a d...
  • Germination days: 7
  • Days to maturity: 85
  • Spacing: 10