These are our seed collections come with an informative DVD.

These collections make an ideal introduction to new kinds of gardening, home/school project, or gift.

These are sets of several seed packets (not mixes) for specific situations, inside a big decorative envelope. 

Each collection is a theme garden in itself, chosen so that you don’t have to search through the whole catalog. 

Occasionally, we need to substitute for a seed that’s become unavailable, but we will choose another that is of equal value, usefulness, and interest.

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SECTION: CollectionsIncludes DVD "GROW BIOINTENSIVE: A Beginner's Guide in 8 Easy Sessions" and ten packets of seeds for most of the crops specifically discu...

Natural Beekeeping DVD with Bee Friendly Collection

We get so many calls from people concerned about the plight of the bees. Here is something you can do anywhere.grow pesticide-free nectar and pollen plants f...

Perennial Vegetable Gardening with Eric Toensmeier DVD

Perennial Vegetable Gardening DVD, 2012 143 minutes, Eric Tonsmeier. Make any garden a perpetual, low-maintenance source of food. A culmination of workshops...

Perennial Vegetables DVD and Seed Collection

Some vegetable crops are permanent, and in the times before long-distance transport and supermarkets they were the main source of early spring vegetables in ...