The bulk of our tools come from

either the Japanese or English tool making traditions. 

They represent hundreds of years of practical development 

resulting in tool designs that work well and are easy on the body.

We have reproduced the design of the English transplanting widger and it is actually made in California.

The Cobra Head cultivator has been a hit since we started carrying it - another adaptation of a traditional design made in the USA.

We try to achieve that delicate balance of a fine gardening tool that will last but is affordable.

Popular This Season:
Sco 9050 cobrahead alt1

CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator

SECTION: Tools and Supplies, Intensively planted beds can be tricky to weed and cultivate, requiring a narrow-headed tool that can reach in among the plants,...
Scu 9132b web

Cuttle Fish Hand Hoe

A strong solid forged Japanese Hoe on one side, turn it over and it’s a cultivator rake with 3 straight tines! This tool is a real work horse in the garden...
Sen 9150

Garden Shears

Favorite tool of our garden staff for harvesting grains, comfrey, compost crops, and weeds. Good for trimming in hard to reach places - a very versatile gard...
Sho 9351

Hori Hori Stainless Steel Garden Knife

Maybe the best Hori Hori made – exclusively made to be extremely durable! This stainless steel garden knife is great for cultivating soil: weeding, cuttin...
Scl 9061ninja

Japanese Ninja Claw Cultivator

This 5 prong stubby rake is perfect for breaking up soil in and around plants. The 5 prongs are close enough to trap the weeds you are cultivating. Tough...
Sse 9141ssickle

Japanese Stainless Steel Serrated Sickle

Holds up very well. It is slightly longer than the Serrated Blade Sickle we have had (SSE-9140). This sickle has a different blade shape. Favorite of raspbe...
Right handed nejiri hoe 2

Nejiri Right Handed Gama Hoe

Our distributor’s best selling product. This little Japanese hoe is long enough for even a small woman to reach the center of the bed, but not too long to...
Sno 9130

Nobori Gama Sickle

This Japanese forged sickle is a real workhorse - a well-balanced and extremely durable tool. It is great for slicing through the toughest of garden debris ...
Sse 9140 sideways

Serrated-Blade Sickle

SECTION: Tools and Supplies, A Japanese stamped grass sickle with a sharp serrated edge. For cutting small amounts of grain, grass, or compost crops, or clea...
Str 9061 3

Steel Trowel

A well-made trowel that features thick, 1.2 mm onepiece stamped Japanese steel construction for strength and durability, with welded support of the handle...
Img 3372

U-Bar Manual Plow

Special Mailing Requirments: The U-bar is too big to mail through the normal channels - call us before ordering for trucking quote. We are delighted to o...