The three surviving forges

where forks and spades are still forged for durability:

Spear and Jackson tools are being forged in India. Their fork tines have the largest cross-section and the tools are longest overall (almost 44”). They have no explicit guarantee
but have always promptly replaced damaged tools.

Clarington Forge/ Bulldog tools (39” and 43” overall length) have been forged in England since 1780. Their fork tines are medium in thickness. Our most popular tools. They guarantee the head for life, and the ash handle for 2 years. In England these are sold as "Bulldog Tools" and some of the tools we get have one label, and some have the other.

Our stainless steel Joseph Bentley fork tines have the “thinnest” cross section but must withstand 176 lbs of bend testing, from end-to-end. Their tools are 42” long overall and
10% lighter. The fork has a lifetime guarantee and the spade is guaranteed for 15 years. Made in China.

All these beautiful tools are made to be used for a lifetime and passed on to the next generation. A joy to work with, these are the tools used in our research gardens and pictured in many of the photos in this catalog. We get very few returns on any of these tools. The heads measure somewhat more than 11” X 7”, and are solid forged from a single piece of steel. All spades have a tread except SDI-9025. They all have a one piece hardwood shaft that is crafted to form a wishbone handle. We recommend 39” tools for those who are under 5’5”. We offer replacement handles that fit all the tools. NOTE: Stain color on handles may vary.


Hand forged tools can only be produced so fast, and shipping from overseas can add to the time it takes to get them in.  Call us for predictions if the tool you want is showing as backordered.

U-Bar  (broadfork)availability - Our welder has had to take a break due to health issues, so we are not listing  the U-Bar currently.  We will be seeking another welder to fill in.  The plans for the U-Bar are in the 8th edition of How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons, or in The Backyard Homestead by Jeavons  et al.