The ultimate luxury vegetable

appears year after year in early spring.

Lives for decades, even in zone 3. Give it a deep, rich, well-drained permanent bed.

From seed, expect your first harvest in the third year. Full production fourth year. Start seed from January on, in flats or may keep in pots the first year. Transplant to a deep, rich, limey, and very well-drained permanent bed. Give compost or rich mulch yearly.It will take at least three years to establish an asparagus bed. 

Site choice is very important since this is a permanent crop. 

 Choose a sunny spot with deep, rich and extremely well-drained soil. If you already have an established bed, occasionally use seed to replenish your stock of plants. 

 Asparagus officinalis C/Matures 4 yr/Harvest 8/Yield 9-38/Spacing 12”