This versatile annual legume

is also a popular soil building green manure or high 

protein animal feed when inter-planted with rye or oats.

 Admiral peas are primarily grown for grain, however they can also be used for forage. 

Admiral peas are a good, digestible source of protein for livestock. 

Easier to grow than soybeans in organic farming systems.

Pisum sativum C/Matures 8-11/Harvest 12/Yield 5-106(shelled)/Spacing Bush 3”, Pole 4”

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Vpe 4791 lg admiral
Admiral Soup Pea
Vpe 4791 lg admiral

Admiral Soup Pea

Cold-hardy and easy to grow. Yellow peas with pale tan skin store easily and cook rapidly into soup. If your season is too short or cold for growing beans to...
  • Planting depth: 1/2-1
  • Days to maturity: 80
  • Seeds per packet: 160