These are sets of several seed packets (not mixes) for specific situations, inside a big decorative envelope. Each collection is a theme garden in itself. These collections, and in particular the book-and-seed sets, make an ideal introduction to new kinds of gardening, home/school project, or gift. Occasionally, we need to substitute for a seed that’s become unavailable, but we will choose another that is of equal value, usefulness, and interest.
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Bee Friendly Collection

If you are concerned about the bees, here is something you can do-grow pesticide-free nectar and pollen plants for them. Happy in the ground or in a pot. Gre...
Hya 8475 yarrow
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Biodynamic Collection

A basic part of the Biodynamic method is the use of herbal preparations to boost compost, catalyze growth, and potentiate soil nutrients. With this collectio...
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Butterfly Garden Collection

Butterflies are disappearing—but they don’t have to disappear from your garden! It is amazing how many show up when their favorite plants are available. Here...
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Good Companions Collection

A beautiful way to fight pests--grow nectar plants for helpful insect predators.Tested in our gardens-it works for us! These are companion plants that make a...
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Good Companions Seed Collection with Good Bug, Bad Bug Book

This set really puts you in charge of protecting your garden natuarally. The book is spiral bound with water-resistant, wipe-clean pages so you can take it o...
Gfl 7280+culinary+flax
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Oil Crop Collection

Edible oils and fats are essential for good health,but they are the crop most heavily contaminated with GMOs. You can grow your own! Five packets of seeds fo...
Plum+culture 1 color
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Permaculture Collection

Edible landscaping that is permanent and self-sustaining is called permaculture. It makes the garden easy to care for by designing like nature- with a mix of...
Btr 1680
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Permaculutre Collection and Gaia's Garden Book

Gaia’s Garden A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, Second Edition: How To Grow More Vegetables… shows you how to intensively and sustainably grow high yieldin...
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Poultry Keepers Collection

People are rediscovering the joys of a home flock. Here are some things you can grow for them to eat. Not a complete layer's ration, but excellent quality fo...