These are a great way to get started

 with herb gardening or to expand your herbal horizons. 

These are sets of several seed packets (not mixes) for specific situations, inside a big decorative envelope. Each collection is a theme garden in itself, chosen so that you don’t have to search through the whole catalog. 

These collections, and in particular the book-and-seed sets, make an ideal introduction to new kinds of gardening, home/school project, or gift.

Occasionally, we need to substitute for a seed that’s become unavailable, but we will choose another that is of equal value, usefulness, and interest.
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Ayurvedic Herb Collection

These are herbs that have been used for centuries in India for healing and maintaining well-being. 6 PACKETS INCLUDED:  PACKETS MAY HAVE SUBSTITUES:  Ash...
Hya 8475 yarrow
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Biodynamic Collection

A basic part of the Biodynamic method is the use of herbal preparations to boost compost, catalyze growth, and potentiate soil nutrients. With this collectio...
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Breathe Deep Collection

We get many requests for help in finding herbs that have been used historically for allergies, bronchitis, and asthma. We have found several plants of inter...
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Calm Collection

Herbs used traditionally for calmingHerbs that have been used historically to allay anxiety, stress and insomnia. Most have also been used for pain and to he...
Von 4540 chives 100 0057
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Culinary Herbs Collection

The culinary basics, enough said. PACKETS INCLUDED: PACKETS MAY HAVE SUBSTITUTES: Summer Savory, Broad-leaf Parsley, Culinary Sage,  Genovese Basil,  Chive...
Fca 8660 calendula or
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Detox Collection

Herbs to rid the body of toxins, whether from pollution, disease, stress, or diet. These carry pollutants out of the system. Herbalists prescribe detoxifying...
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Medicinal Herbs Collection

Revised to give you the most practical herbs for wellness and first aid, at a low price. No fancy propagation techniques required. People love our culinary h...
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Medicinal Herb Seed Collection with Rosemary Gladstar's Book

An assortment of basic herbs for wellness and first aid. Easy to grow, no fancy propagation required. Contains Burdock, Holy Basil, Calendula, Chamomile, Ele...
Has 7910  ashwagandha
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Resistance Collection

Herbs reputed to support immune function and build resistance to disease. An ounce of prevention. Please discuss any proposed change in your health routine w...
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Tasty Tea Collection

A selection of the tastiest and easiest herbal beverages, good alone or in blends. Information sheets with tips on blending, growing, and using included. PA...