These are our seed collections

 that are completely or largely comprised of vegetables.

 These are sets of several seed packets (not mixes) for specific situations, inside a big decorative envelope. Each collection is a theme garden in itself, chosen to introduce you to a new kind of gardening.

These collections, and in particular the book-and-seed sets, make an ideal introduction to new kinds of gardening, home/school project, or gift.

Occasionally, we need to substitute for a seed that’s become unavailable, but we will choose another that is of equal value, usefulness, and interest.

Popular This Season:
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Easy Heirloom Collection

DESCRIPTION: The most popular, easy to grow heirloom vegetable seeds. Makes it easy for beginners, people on your gift list, or if you have trouble choosing...
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Fall/Winter Salad Garden Collection

DESCRIPTION: Our most frost-hardy lettuces, in a variety of types and colors, plus three specialty greens that brave winter weather and taste great in salad....
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Fermentation and Pickling Collection

DESCRIPTION: Since the beginning of human culture we have been nourished by fermented food. While the magic of fermentation is a great way to preserve food,...
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Fermentation/Pickling Collection Wild Fermentation book

Food Storage and Processing,: For thousands of years humans have enjoyed the distinctive flavor and nutrition resulting from the transformative power of micr...
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Four Fresh Sisters Seed Collection

We’ve freshened up the traditional Three Sisters—corn, beans, squash These are varieties for fresh eating instead of dry storage. And, we’ve added a traditio...
Bea 0301 large
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How To Grow More Vegetables Book & 3 seed collections

SECTION: Seed Collections, How To Grow More Vegetables Book and seed collections. If you want a sustainable garden this is the book to start with! Our Grow...
Gsu 7453 oilsunflower tg+chastain
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Microgreens Collection

DESCRIPTION: Microgreens are a fast, super-nutritious, stylish addition to meals. Used raw, and just sprinkled on, they don't add prep time, don't need speci...
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Patio Collection

Downsizing, urban farming, and easy care all converge, when you garden in containers and small spaces.  Here are some great new vegetables selected especiall...
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Perennial Vegetables Collection

Some vegetable crops are permanent, and in the times before long-distance transport and supermarkets they were the main source of early spring vegetables in ...
Vto 5911 tomatillos2 web
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Salsa Collection

DESCRIPTION: A great way to grow salsas for fresh summer eating, preserving, and summer potlucks. Mouth-watering, zippy summer salsas for fresh eating and p...
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Salsa Collection and Secrets of Salsa book

Salsa Collection with Secrets of Salsa book The Mexican Women of Anderson Valley, 2011, 7th ed., 80 pp. Food Storage and Processing A bilingual salsa ...
Companion plants
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Second Harvest Collection

Fills a tub or bed with food and flowers for winter.This collection was developed especially to fill your pots and containers—or a garden bed or two—with foo...
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Spring Salad Collection

DESCRIPTION: For the start of the season, a bouquet of beautiful, delicious, and fast-growing lettuces selected especially for growth in cool spring soil an...
Vle 4273 lettuce merlot brighter web
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Summer Salad Garden

DESCRIPTION: An assortment of salad greens selected for best performance in hot weather and long days. Separate packets allow you to design a beautiful salad...
Vsq 5430acorn
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Superfoods Collection

DESCRIPTION: Some crops are getting attention as real powerhouses of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, cancer-fighting polyphenols, and minerals. Here is an...
Bea 0310
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Sustainable Garden Starter Kit

SECTION: Seed Collections, Basic Beginning Seed Collections, The Sustainable Vegetable Garden book with all the vegetables, calorie crops, and compost crops...
Bean  good+mother
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Three Sisters Seed Collection

DESCRIPTION: Many Native American gardeners planted corn, beans, and squash together so that the plants made a little ecosystem, supporting one another and ...
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Unusual Greens Collection

DESCRIPTION: Getting more green leafy foods into more meals is a priority for vibrant health. The new book, Eat Your Greens, meets that challenge, with new s...
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Winter Vegetable Collection

DESCRIPTION: Sustainability doesn't end when the days get cold! Gardeners in warm climates and those who are willing to build simple covers will have more t...
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Winter Vegetable Collection and Four Season Harvest book

SECTION: Seed Collections, Four Season Harvest book and Winter vegetable Collection. Sustainability doesn’t end when the days get cold! Gardeners in warmer c...