Big vigorous plants whose huge root

system captures soil nutrients that would otherwise 

wash away in winter. Dependable bread grain for centuries

in Northern Europe where conditions were often too cold and wet for wheat. 

Excellent winter cover and compost crop in addition to grain. Rye secretes compounds to inhibit the growth of other plants, so it's used to suppress weeds. 

Caution: Ergot is a poisonous fungus that attacks rye heads in rainy weather. It's easy to spot--black growths protrude from the seed head. Destroy affected plants. 

Secale cereale C/Matures 17 (overwintered)/Harvest 0-4/Yield 4-24 grain, 12-72 dry biomass/Spacing 5" 

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  • Square foot coverage: 100
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  • Planting depth: 1-1.5
  • Seed code: Gb