A short-season grain crop.

Easily digested, fast-cooking. Good hay grain

Millet is a catch-all term for several grains

with small round seeds in upright heads.

Excellent for poultry, livestock & composting. The different species will not cross with each other.

W, H/Matures 10-13/Yield grain 3-12, dry 12-72/Spacing 7"

Popular This Season:
Gmi 7290japanese

Japanese Barnyard Millet

Highly productive and early. Very leafy with many grain-bearing tillers to 6'. Tolerates waterlogged soils very well. Excellent for compost-will re-grow afte...
  • Height: To 6 ft
  • Seeds per packet: 560
  • Days to maturity: 70-91
Yes%2c+perhaps+ +pearl+millet%2c early grain

Pearl Millet, African Millet

Best for food use in the home garden or small homestead, because it is so easy to hull. Like the "hulless" barleys in that it does have hulls, but they fall ...
  • Height: 5-8 ft
  • Days to maturity: 70-91
  • Spacing: 7
Gmi 7300 proso 2

Proso Millet

Very quick maturing, considered the choicest in flavor if you can hull it. High alkaline content counteracts acids and makes it easily digested. Grows 1-4' h...
  • Seeds per packet: 560
  • Days to maturity: 70-91
  • Spacing: 7