A short-season grain crop.

Easily digested, fast-cooking. Good hay grain

Millet is a catch-all term for several grains

with small round seeds in upright heads.

Excellent for poultry, livestock & composting. The different species will not cross with each other.

W, H/Matures 10-13/Yield grain 3-12, dry 12-72/Spacing 7"

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Gmi 7290japanese
On Sale 15%

Japanese Barnyard Millet

Highly productive and early. Very leafy with many grain-bearing tillers to 6'. Tolerates waterlogged soils very well. Excellent for compost-will re-grow afte...
  • Height: To 6 ft
  • Seeds per packet: 560
  • Days to maturity: 70-91
Gmi 7300 proso 2
On Sale 15%

Proso Millet

Very quick maturing, considered the choicest in flavor if you can hull it. High alkaline content counteracts acids and makes it easily digested. Grows 1-4' h...
  • Seeds per packet: 560
  • Days to maturity: 70-91
  • Spacing: 7