All the potential needs for a garden and its gardener.

From the "every day use" with gloves and working hands potter's cream, to the "when in season" use of bird netting, shade cloth, and harvest guard.

Popular This Season:
Sbi 9490 birdnet

Bird Netting

Bird NettingBird netting is the easiest and most reliable way to protect plants from birds. Be sure the netting extends over the sides of the beds right down...
Swo 9310 wood+label

Wood Labels Markers

Plain wood markers - write on them with pencil, laundry marker, or crayon. Excellent for flats and pots. Prevents mix-ups. 6" X 5/8 ", 24 count

Working Hands Potter's Cream

2 oz. jar This wonderful healing and protecting cream is handmade by friends here in Willits. It is highly recommended for gardeners, people who work with c...