All the potential needs for a garden and its gardener.

From the "every day use" with gloves and working hands potter's cream, to the "when in season" use of bird netting, shade cloth, and harvest guard.

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Ssh 9220
50% Shade Netting
SSH-9220 50

30% Shade Netting

6 ft wide - SELECT 30% OR 50% & ENTER HOW MANY FEET YOU WANT IN THE "QUANTITY BOX"30% is for most uses - it shields plants from the hot sun but does not...
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Ssh 9220

50% Shade Netting

6 ft wide - ENTER HOW MANY FEET YOU WANT IN THE "QUANTITY BOX"Shade netting is useful for protecting young seedlings and also for extending the harvest peri...
  • Sold by: Foot
Sgr 9540

Arm Savers

SECTION: Plant Protection Supplies, Waterproof, washable nylon sleeves have knit cuffs and elastic top opening. Use these with our Comfort Garden Gloves to k...
Sbi 9490 birdnet

Bird Netting

Bird NettingBird netting is the easiest and most reliable way to protect plants from birds. Be sure the netting extends over the sides of the beds right down...

Dr. Zymes

We are excited about this new product.  It is made entirely from food-grade ingredients by a small business right here in GMO-free Mendocino County.  It is t...

Harvest Guard (Floating Bed Cover, Fleece, Reemay)

A translucent lightweight spun-bonded polyester blanket—place right over the plants for a warm start. The original floating crop cover, earlier name was Reem...

Medium Comfort Garden Gloves

These gloves have been raved about and requested by many of our friends, for everything from gardening to construction work, and when we saw them on the hand...
Spo 9420f

Pomona's Universal Pectin

SECTION: Food Storage and Processing, Now you can make cooked and uncooked jams and jellies sweetened to your own taste. Ordinary fruit pectins require jam o...
Spo 9250 pot maker

Pot Maker

SECTION: Seed Saving and Planting Supplies, Solid maple mold squeezes pieces of newspaper into starter pots. Fill them with soil and plant them out, pot and...
Swa 9200 season starter

Season Starter (Wall of Water)

package of threeThe famous "miniature greenhouse" that uses water-filled plastic to make a warm environment for starting tomatoes, peppers and such 6 to 8 we...
Sgr 9546

Tool & Seed Tote

SECTION: Plant Protection Supplies, This tote is really useful in the garden. It is 8" in diameter by 9" high and has 12 pockets around the outside to hold ...
Swh 9510 whitefly

Whitefly Traps

package of 5 trapsFor aphids and whiteflies. These traps are covered with a yellow sticky surface that, to insects’ eyes, appears to glow in the ultraviolet ...
Swo 9310 wood+label

Wood Labels Markers

Plain wood markers - write on them with pencil, laundry marker, or crayon. Excellent for flats and pots. Prevents mix-ups. 6" X 5/8 ", 24 count

Working Hands Potter's Cream

2 oz. jar This wonderful healing and protecting cream is handmade by friends here in Willits. It is highly recommended for gardeners, people who work with c...