For improved soil health, 

we suggest these products to help in keep track

of your overall garden health.

Also be sure to check out our inoculants and fungi/mushroom/mycorrhizae inoculants. 

For excellent professional soil tests, use Timberleaf Soil Testing. 

Balancing out your soil's nutrients will increase the health of your plants, improve yields and insure that you are not adding unnecessary fertilizers. As part of this service you will receive a detailed report in easy-to-understand terms. Timberleaf Soil Testing, 39648 Old Spring Rd Murrieta, CA 92563 (951-677-7510)
Popular This Season:
Sco 9320

Compost Thermometer

SECTION: Compost and Soil Fertility, A 20" stainless steel thermometer with a dial indicator at one end. The range is 0 to 220 deg. Fahrenheit, and it’s mad...
Sma 9360 maxicrop

Maxicrop Powder

SECTION: Compost and Soil Fertility, Soluble seaweed powder. An excellent, well-balanced food for all plants. We have found that applications of Maxicrop to ...
Sod 9340 compost filter

Odor-free Compost Bucket Filters

SECTION: Compost and Soil Fertility, Package of 3 replacement filters for Odor-free Compost Bucket. Each charcoal filter is reported to last 3-4 months, but ...
On Sale 30%

Odor Free Compost Bucket--Large

A really handy design, with a hinged lid so you don't need both hands when opening, and you don't need to find a place to set the lid. There is a place in th...
Sod 9336
On Sale 30%

Odor Free Compost Bucket--Medium

This is a smaller size than our usual compost bucket, making it more convenient for keeping on the kitchen counter, and easier to clean out. Hinged top makes...