Physalis are plants of the Solanaceae 

(nightshade) family, native to warm temperate and 

sub-tropical regions throughout the world. 

They produce small fruits that resemble tomatoes, but are enclosed in a large papery husk. 

The plants have stiffer, more upright stems. Requires full sun and and warm to hot temperatures. They do not like frost.

Not particular about soil, and does well in poor soil. Adapts well to pots. Keep well watered. Generally susceptible to tomato diseases and pests.

 We offer two types of physalis: 

tomatillos (husk tomatoes), and ground cherries (husk cherries).

Physalis sp. H/Matures 8-13/Harvest 17+/Spacing 18"

Days to Maturity figures are really just for comparing between varieties within a category. Actual days will vary from location to location, depending on garden conditions.

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