Paste tomatoes have less juice 

and are excellent for drying as well as canning.

Paste tomatoes are bred to make smooth sauce without too much cooking.

 If you can or freeze tomato sauce, (or make fresh sauces and salsas) this is what you want. They also dry exceptionally well, and tend to be fast to pick. These varieties tend to be less juicy and easier to dry or turn into paste.

H/Matures 8-13/Harvest 17+/Yield 100-418/Spacing Cherry 18”, determinate 21” Indeterminate - 24”

Days to Maturity figures are really just for comparing between varieties within a category. Actual days will vary from location to location, depending on garden conditions.

Popular This Season:
Vto 5740 tomato amish paste web2

Amish Paste Tomato

Outstanding flavor raw as well as cooked--selected for the Slow Food Ark of Taste. Meaty long red fruits from August til frost on vigorous vines. Mid-season,...
  • Days to maturity: 69-80
  • Spacing: 24
  • Seed code: N

Grandma Mary's Tomato, organic

We have been wanting to find a good early paste tomato for a long time, and are pleased to offer this heirloom from Maine. Meaty 6-10 oz fruits are big for s...
  • Days to maturity: 55-68
  • Spacing: 24
  • Seeds per packet: 25
Tomato myona

Myona Tomato, Organic

Big yields of big fruit with excellent flavor. Favorite for sauce, salsa, and drying-its large size fills the trays fast. The story goes that this variety co...
  • Days to maturity: More than 80
  • Spacing: 24
  • Seeds per packet: 25
Vto 5880 tomato roma goldlockii wikipedia creative commons attribution 3 web

Roma VFN Tomato

Huge crop of bright red, plum-shaped 3" fruits on determinate vine. The flesh is meaty, solid, with few seeds. Peels easily. Mid-Season. Determinate.  Not as...
  • Spacing: 21
  • Days to maturity: 69-80
  • When to plant: Early summer