Alpine Strawberry is a cousin 

of the wild strawberry and it is the only strawberry 

plant that is regularly started from seed. 

Unlike other varieties, this day neutral cultivar doesn't put out runners. Instead, it reseeds profusely and bears fruit throughout the growing season. 

At maturity, the berries  of the plant are white, yellowish or red, but all varieties start out white.

Although the fruits are smaller than those of other strawberry varieties, their sweet flavor makes up for what they lack in size!  In addition to bearing very flavorful fruit, the leaves of the plant are often used as a tea.

Fragaria alpina W/Matures 2 years, then annually/Harvest 8-12/Yield 40-160/Spacing 12”

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Alpine Strawberry

Perennial with no runners. Like a wild strawberry in size and intense, old-fashioned flavor. Popular for edging flower beds, in edible landscapes, or window ...
  • Germination days: 30+
  • Days to maturity: 100
  • Seeds per packet: 150