2017 Catalog Corrections:

Sleeping Lady Tomato Item number should be VTO-5782. 
Stella Blue Squash item number should be VSQ-5387 (it is incorrect on page 3 of the catalog).
Buttercrunch lettuce price should be $2.60. 
Anuenue Lettuce price should be $2.60.
Quan Yin Lettuce price should be $2.60 (it is incorrect on page 3 of the catalog)
Cherry Belle Radish price should be $2.75. 
Christmas Watermelon item number should be VWA-5400.  It is currently commercial seed, not certified organic (but from a small independent grower)
Patio Collection is LPA-6731.
The prefix for Red Kuri Squash is VSQ not VPU.
Banatka Wheat item number should be GWH-7528
Superb Dianthus item number should be FDI-8709

Sorry for the inconvenience, the following items in the 2017 catalog are NOT available now:


Romano Pole Bean
Korean Pepper (Try Serrano VPE-4951
Colorado Quinoa ( Try Campesino GQU-7356)
Oberkulmer Spelt

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