Catalog Corrections:Mandan Bride Corn has been re-identified as Early Earth Tones Dent Corn. It is still the same seed, and is organic and non-GMO. The farmer had been given the seed many years ago under the wrong name. It is a strain of Earth Tones Dent that has been selected for many years for early maturity in cool climates.Hopi Black Dye Sunflower has a change in seed count: The seed is very rare and scarce this year. We have been obliged to give 25 seeds per packet.
Item number corrections:Buttercup Squash should be VSQ-5453Parsnip Tender and True should be VPA-4740Wedding Wildflower Mix should be MWW-6463

The following items are now out of stock:
Vegetables: Giant Zittau Onion, Brazilian Beauty Tomato, Oarange King Tomato
Herbs: Boneset, Lomatium,Meadowsweet
Grains: White Milo Sorghum
Collections: Antiviral Collection

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