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The seed codes are the beginning of each crop entry.

Vegetable, Grain, and Compost Crop Seed

The best Temperate Range for growing: C= cold weather, W= warm weather, H= hot weather,  ALL= likes all three.

Matures- how long it takes for the plant to mature, in weeks (unless otherwise noted) F= approximate time until first cutting

Harvest- how long the harvest normally lasts in wees (unless otherwise noted) 0 weeks means that it must be harvested immediately. AC= approximate time between successive cuttings.

Yield- expected yield in pounds per 100 square feet, grown Biointensively at the recommended spacing. The lower number is for beginners and the higher one is for experienced growers in good soil.

Spacing- seeds or transplants should be planted this many inches apart, equidistantly to maximize their effectiveness. This spacing is for Biointensively grown crops. Row spacing is often further apart.

Area-the number of square feet that should be planted Biointensively with one of our packets. A packet will plant approximately four times this area if you plant in rows (including space between the rows).

Price- the price for one packet of our seed.

Herb and Flower Seed

Plant Type- A= annual, P= perennial, PA= perennial, but will flower the first year, B= biennial, HA= hardy annual, T= Tender Perennial

Ht- height when mature, express in feet ( ' ) or inches ( " ).

AAS= All American Selection. Selections are made nationally and only when an outstanding variety is produced.

Key to Seed Sources

Source code is before the price for each variety.


GB Biointensive Approved seed. Grown sustainably, with compost and organic fertilizers according to our strict standards. No chemicals.


Certified Organic. Seed from plants certified by the appropriate state and federal certifying organizations, in compliance with the National Organic Program Standards.


Natural Seed. Seed grown by natural methods, and without the use of chemicals. Often small or backyard growers who are longtime seed savers and dedicated organic gardeners would fulfill organic qualifications but cannot afford certification costs or do not wish to be registered.


Commerical Seed. No control over growing methods but excellent, untreated seed.

You have the freedom to use these OSSI-Pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others' use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this Pledfe with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives. www.ossseeds

We are a CCOF Certified Organic Handler.

Untreated= The seed itself has had no chemicals or fungicides applied to it.

All of our seed is untreated.

Open-pollinated= (Naturally bred seed). Non-hybrid, non-genetically engineered seed.

All of our seed is open-pollinated and suitable for seed saving.

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