No hybrids, No GMO's. Open-pollinated and Heirloom seeds for vegetables, herbs, pollinator and permaculture crops. We are a small non-profit, helping people achieve food self-reliance through our classes, publications, and this website. Members of the Organic Seed Alliance, the Open Source Seed Initiative, and Safe Seed Pledge.

Bountiful Gardens is a project of Ecology Action, a not-for-profit dedicated to ending world hunger by teaching sustainable agriculture. Ecology Action works with projects all over the world that are locally staffed and locally adapted.

We developed the biointensive and GROW BIOINTENSIVE® methods of sustainable organic gardening and mini-farming to grow the most food in your backyard while protecting and improving your soil.

We have practical tools for self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Our methods include double-dug beds, intensive planting, companion planting, composting, carbon farming, calorie farming, and open-pollinated seeds. We are CCOF certified organic, members of OSA (the Organic Seed Alliance), Open Source Seed Initiative and the Safe Seed Pledge. We offer untreated open-pollinated, gmo-free, heirloom seed of vegetables, herbs, trees, and grains. We sell practical gardening tools. We also support biodynamics and permaculture.

It doesn't take much to get started, no gizmos or expensive equipment. If you have some soil, all you need is simple tools, seeds, and the information to use them.